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Deeper Walk Institute



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The Deeper Walk Institute provides a series of three-day intensive

classes designed to equip people to do the ministry of heart-focused discipleship.

These classes introduce students to Biblically-based principles and practices that

have led thousands to freedom and maturity.


Hosting – If you are interested in hosting an Institute course at your church

or organization, contact the Deeper Walk Office and we will be happy to

discuss the details of how to make this happen.


About the Institute

In this modular program, a diverse qualified faculty presents the basis of a biblically balanced worldview and

its application to the ministry of biblical discipleship/counseling in a sequence of week-long courses.

Mission Statement:

To serve the Church of Jesus Christ by helping it accomplish its goals of maturing believers (Eph. 4:11-13)

and discipling the nations (Matt. 28:18-20) through providing training and resources in

discipleship/counseling rooted in a biblical worldview.



Deeper Walk International (DWI) exists to serve the Church through

equipping those God has called to a discipleship/counseling ministry with

the knowledge and skills needed to help others who long to experience

joy and victory in their union with Jesus Christ. Biblical counseling is part

of Christ's ministry of reconciliation, wherein mature believers share with

others the love, truth, and life that they first received from Him and that

He is making incarnate in them. Biblical counseling is seen as an element of relational discipleship

and disciple-making, of helping the counselee grow into a vital healing relationship with the Lord

Jesus Christ who is "the Wonderful Counselor."

Believers always bring some emotional and spiritual baggage with them when they enter a saving

relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Their salvation experience is very real, but wrong beliefs, traumatic

events, the absence of healthy relationships and bonding, and such things do not often change

automatically. Spiritual baggage may include distorted beliefs about God, failure to receive and believe the

Christian's God-given identity, and failure to deal with the iniquity of generational sin and resultant bondage.


The denial or minimizing of personal sin, walking "in the flesh" rather than walking "in the Spirit," failure to walk

in the freedom of forgiveness, and believing lies rather than bringing every thought captive to Christ can lead

to the accumulation of further spiritual problems. Satan uses such things to keep the believer from growing

toward maturity as well as they could if these issues were dealt with in the discipling process. Persons

preparing for ministry especially need this kind of training to prepare them to help other people deal

practically with these personal issues from a biblical point of view.

about_institute_2The primary goal of discipleship/counseling should be the development of one's

relationships with God, with oneself, and with others. The usual emphasis on

learning right doctrine, spiritual disciplines, and methods of ministry are not

sufficient goals in themselves because they do not deal with one's personal

"baggage." They should be seen as means to the basic goal of resolving

personal issues and of building healthy relationships.

One's worldview is basic to one's belief system and is observable sooner or later

in priorities, moral choices, and lifestyle decisions. For this reason, all Deeper

Walk Institute classes are taught from a biblical worldview. This worldview will

always include spiritual warfare - spiritual battle in which all believers are involved

whether they realize it or not. Even as born-again believers, we live and minister

between two kingdoms in conflict. Without the spiritual warfare component of a biblical worldview,

the events of life will not be properly understood, the Scriptures will not be correctly interpreted,

and biblical truth will not be fully appropriated. The world, the flesh, and the devil are always

interacting with us, resulting in either victory or defeat for the child of God. Learning the relationships

between these three enemies and the believer and appropriating the truth of God in one's daily walk

are keys to successful growth, fruitfulness, and joy in the Christian life.

The course instructors are committed to equipping disciplers/counselors to help people come to a place

of freedom from the bondages of the past and to enjoy a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ that will

enable God to work through them in accomplishing the Great Commission in our world.

The Deeper Walk Institute is structured to provide a biblically balanced foundation for those whom God

leads into this type of ministry, and testimonies from former students indicate that this purpose is being


"I have been a professional counselor for 13 years and I am very pleased that Deeper Walk International promotes such a comprehensive and balanced view of biblical counseling. The Deeper Walk International trainings that I have attended have revolutionized my life personally and professionally. I know that God is blessing the Deeper Walk International ministry for the wonderful work of promoting a biblical world view and solid biblically based counseling and restoration principles."
William Bumgardner, Counselor, CCDC III-E, Ohio

"The two Deeper Walk Institute seminars I have attended have been a "breath of fresh air"! To hear topics such as spiritual warfare, generational sins and blessings, and spiritual freedom taught with careful Biblical documentation and balance, coupled with the example of mature lives grounded in Scriptures and free in Christ that our instructors modeled, was profoundly encouraging to those of us who would like to be equipped to disciple others effectively. The grace and faith that were evident in all the staff made the seminars a "safe place" in which to learn about otherwise difficult topics. I have already used many of the principles we learned at Course One and Two in our Jail Ministry and look forward to learning more at future seminars."
Johnyne Rees, Jail Ministry, Texas

"After 28 years in the ministry, I finally came to the realization of how much demonic presence there is in the Christian’s life. Through the teaching at Deeper Walk Institute, I have been able to recognize Satan’s schemes in my life, and of those in my church, and have been able to help many come to freedom in Christ.
Dennis Aho, Pastor

"I appreciate Deeper Walk Institute for bringing clarity and conviction to the battle. Our families and churches are under attack. Deeper Walk Institute brings a balanced biblical approach to the church so we don’t remain ignorant of the enemy’s schemes. I wish all Christians could attend Deeper Walk Institute to learn better to stand firm in the truth of God’s Word."
John Landis, Lay Discipler, Minnesota

"I have been pastoring a church for the last 8 1/2 years, preaching and teaching the Word of God. However, after attending the Deeper Walk Institute counseling courses I had to ask myself, "Where have you been?" I had greatly missed applying the Biblical truths of demonization and spiritual warfare to everyday life and discipleship. It was convicting to learn how much the humanistic world view has shaped our perception and consequent handling of spiritual warfare. I would recommend every pastor attend these courses. My family and I are now preparing for the foreign mission field. How thankful I am to the Lord for allowing me to receive this "pre-field" training. As with every pastor, I would encourage every missionary to take these courses before leaving for the mission field. Thank you Lord, for raising up Deeper Walk Institute to equip your people!"
Jeff Hurt, Pastor/Missionary

The Deeper Walk Institute Faculty

The faculty for Deeper Walk courses includes professional counselors, professors, pastors, lay people, ministry partners, staff and board members.  Here is a list of faculty members from 2009.


Timothy Warner, EdD, has served with Freedom in Christ Ministries, lecturing and conducting seminars related to spiritual warfare. Formerly a missionary to Sierra Leone and a Bible college president, Dr. Warner directed two doctoral programs and the School of World Missions and Evangelism at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Dr. Warner has authored Spiritual Warfare and co-authored (with Dr. Neil T. Anderson) The Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Warfare.


Marcus Warner, DMin, is the President of Deeper Walk International. Dr. Warner served as associate professor of Old Testament and Theology at Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana, and also served for 7 years as a senior pastor in Carmel, Indiana. Dr. Warner has a passion for the vitality of the Body of Christ, communicated through his teaching and writing promoting biblical literacy, heart-focused discipleship, and spiritual healing addressing the battles and baggage of life. Dr. Warner has authored The Deeper Walk Guide to the Bible and Toward A Deeper Walk.

mike cook

Michael Cook, Ph.D, has served as the chairman of the Counseling Department at Taylor University-Fort Wayne. Mike is a marriage and family therapist with a master of divinity degree who has built his practice and his teaching on a thoroughly biblical foundation.

Dr. Cook often teaches in our advanced course on addiction recovery, eating disorders, and homosexuality.


C. Fred Dickason, ThD, served for 34 years as a full-time faculty member of Chicago's Moody Bible Institute, where he was Professor and Chairman of the Department of Theology. Dr. Dickason has authored Angels, Elect and Evil, Demon Possession and the Christian and his most recent book Names of Angels.

Bob_HardinBob Hardin,
is the director of the North West Biblical Counseling Center in Kent, Washington. Bob specializes in marriage and family counseling.  A former engineer with Boeing, Bob is very practical and effective in both his teaching and his counseling.

webinar_alaineAlaine Pakkala, Ph.D., is a well-respected author, seminar teacher and lay counselor from Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is president of Lydia Discipleship Ministries, which offers seminars and conferences both for people who have been deeply wounded by childhood abuse and for those with a heart to minister to such hurting people. Alaine has authored numerous resources as "spiritual exercise equipment", including "Taking Every Thought Captive", a practical training guide for renewing the mind in God's truth.

pokone_2010_confRev. Jeff Pokone is director of Indiana Biblical Counseling Center, and ministers especially to those who have been wounded by abuse, addictions and marriage problems. Before coming to IBCC, Jeff served for two years as a youth pastor and for over 12 years as a counselor with Teen Challenge--a background God designed to equip him for his unique ministry role.

rumberger_2010_confDaniel J. Rumberger, Psy.D.,
is a clinical psychologist in Sioux City, Iowa. His credentials, 25+ years of clinical practice, and distinctly Biblical worldview combine to uniquely equip him to both counsel and teach. Dr. Rumberger has served as a staff consultant to ICBC/Deeper Walk since the founding of the ministry, has been the primary organizer of the Biennial Conferences, and also serves as a director of Deeper Walk International.


Upcoming Courses

Course 1: Freedom and Maturity

June 19 - 22, 2013

First Baptist Church

Wheaton, IL 60187

Course 1 is always available in DVD and through the Deeper Walk Online Institute.


Course Descriptions
Course 1 - Introduction to Freedom and Maturity
In Course One, you will learn the biblical basics of Christian counseling, develop the foundation for an understanding of a biblical worldview and what the Bible teaches about the Christian’s three battlefronts: the world, the flesh, and the devil. The vulnerability of the believer to the world, the flesh, and the schemes of the Adversary will be developed, along with the basis for the authority of the believer and God’s protection. You will learn about the foundational counseling needs of people seeking help for bitterness, deception, guilt, rebellion, pride, lust, fear, curses, and ancestral/generational issues. You will be taught how to lead a person to submit to the Lord Jesus Christ, and how to resist the devil by reclaiming ground that has been given to the enemy, by breaking soul ties and strongholds, clearing the conscience, and putting on the whole armor of God.

course_descriptions_2Course 2 - Advanced Issues in Biblical Counseling
You likely know others who have been deeply wounded, suffer with addictions or compulsive behaviors, or are troubled with depression, fears, or behavioral disorders. Do you know how to share the Truth in a way that it can be personally appropriated, even "in the trenches" of life? In this course you will learn the relationship between physical symptoms and spiritual issues, as the false dichotomy in human problems between the physical and spiritual realms is presented. The confusing and growing trend of blending medical practice and New Age spirituality will be addressed. The role and significance of a believer's concept of their identity in Christ in providing a basis for dealing with other “non-spiritual” areas of life will be illustrated. You will be introduced to a biblical approach to problems like fear, anxiety, depression, trauma from abuse (verbal, physical, and sexual), satanic ritual abuse, and dissociation. You will also gain a biblical view of the origin and function of evil spirits and the believer's authority in resisting them. Legal, moral, and ethical issues involved in counseling ministries will be introduced.

course_descriptions3 Course 3 - Marriage and Family Issues
In Course Three, you will be introduced to critical issues unique to counseling children, teens, women, and men, and to issues related to marriage and counseling married couples. You will learn how to develop a model for counseling and to integrate such counseling into the life and ministries of a local church. You will learn to apply biblical truth to issues of identity, harmony, and protection in the family. You will learn of the significance of intimacy with God and between marriage partners as a primary means of spiritual protection, along with other practical helps to maintain family freedom and protection. The difficult issue of the vulnerability of the believer to demonization will be presented from a Biblical and a clinical basis. The concept of how corporate sin can affect the life of a congregation and what to do about that will be introduced, and you will be given help in learning to wait on the Lord and to help your counselees wait on Him.

Deeper Walk International reserves the right to revise the course content and course instructors as updated material is developed and also based upon instructor availability.

Certification Requirements

ibc_certification_picDeeper Walk International offers certificates of graduation for those who

complete the following requirements. These certificates are nicely

framed and confirm that you have completed the Deeper Walk Institute

requirements. This is not a certificate of affiliation with the ministry, but a

certificate of successful completion of the training.

Course 1: Introduction to Freedom and


1. Required Reading: (A sheet of paper must be submitted stating that

the reading has been completed. This is done on the honor system)

Neil Anderson, Victory over the Darkness
Mark Bubeck, The Adversary
Jim Logan, Reclaiming Surrendered Ground
Tim Warner and Neil Anderson, Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Warfare
Suggested: Neil Anderson Bondage Breaker

2. Attend course 1 (Watching the ICBC Classic Training DVD series also fulfills this


3. Go through the Steps to Freedom personally.

4. Take someone else through the Steps to Freedom.

5. Write a five to ten page paper on what you learned from your experience and training.

Course 2: Advanced Issues in Heart-Focused


1. Required Reading:

Alaine Pakkala, Laura
Jim Wilder, The Life Model

2. Attend Course 2

3. Option 1: Research Paper - Write a fifteen to twenty page paper on an advanced issue covered in

course 2.

4. Option 2: Counseling Paper - Write a ten to fifteen page paper about your work with a client who

has advanced issues and what you are learning.

Course 3: Marriage and Family Issues

1. Required Reading:

Mark Bubeck, The Adversary at Home
Emerson Eggerichs, Love and Respect
Suggested: Daryl Anderson, Heart to Heart

2. Attend Course 3

3. Option 1: Research Paper - Write a fifteen to twenty page paper on an issue raised in this course.

4. Option 2: Counseling Paper - Write a ten to fifteen page paper about your work with a client who

is dealing with issues that were discussed in class and what you are learning.


Course 1: Introduction to Freedom and Maturity

  • Heart-Focused Discipleship
  • Worldview
  • Flesh vs. Spirit
  • Identity in Christ
  • Authority
  • Legal Ground
  • Using the Steps to Freedom
  • Overcoming the Occult
  • Forgiveness
  • Generational Sin
  • Listening Prayer

Course 2: Advanced Issues in Biblical Counseling

  • Capacity and Recovery
  • Immanuel Prayer Ministry
  • Life Model Foundations
  • Anger, Depression, Shame
  • Abuse and Trauma Recovery
  • Dissociation
  • Addictions, Homosexuality, Eating Disorders
  • Demonization and Relief
  • Testing the Spirits

Course 3: Marriage and Family Issues

  • Marriage Foundations
  • Love and Respect
  • Men’s Issues
  • Women’s Issues
  • Maturity in Marriage
  • Family Counseling Model
  • Abuse in Marriage
  • Parenting Foundations
  • Children’s issues
  • Teen Issues
  • Raising Lambs Among Wolves